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How To Stop Spam on WordPress

Fighting WordPress spam is not as difficult as you may think. All it typically takes is good use of turning your comments from on to off and the use of a free WordPress plug-ins.

WordPress comes preinstalled with a plug-in called Akismet. This plug-in is not activated by default and it is up to you to activate and configure it. To activate this plug-in simply go to the plug-ins tab in your administrative backend. Click on “Install Plug-Ins” and you’ll see a list of plug-ins available to you. Click on activate underneath the Akismet plug-in and upon doing so you’ll be prompted to insert a key to allow you to use the plug-in.

You’ll need to go to the official Akismet website and register for a key (Donating on akismet is optional). Upon registering you’ll receive your key which will need to copy and paste and insert into the options area of Akismet.

Once the key is pasted in place simply click save changes and you’re all set.

After a period of time you’ll see the number of comments Akismet has blocked from appearing on your website. This number will show in the main dashboard area of WordPress. It will also show you a number of spam comments that are currently awaiting your attention. It is a good idea to check these once in a while to make sure Akismet has not flagged anything as spam that should be.

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